Top 6 party streamer decoration ideas

Set the scene for any happy occasion with some peppy party streamers. For a simple party decoration which fits with most themes and colour schemes, you can’t beat these sensational strands of crepe joy. Not only do they look great, but paper streamers are versatile, too. Go simple and stream from the ceiling, or use them for a feature wall or photo booth backdrop. We sell all kinds of streamer decoration kits at Party Pieces, so here’s our guide to steaming ahead with streaming!

Bright backdrop

Life is a carnival when you’ve got a brighter-than-bright streamer backdrop like this. This kit has all you need to create a patchwork of streamers in bold and pastel colours which are sure to bring cheer to any happy occasion, and that's before we’ve even mentioned the huge balloon arch to go with it! 

Pastel ‘feature wall’

Use a selection of streamers to create a feature wall at your party. Either go for a block colour to fit in with your party colour scheme, or choose a variety of complementary shades for depth and variety. This ‘Mix it Up’ streamer and balloon backdrop comes with crepe paper streamers in a mixture of pink, cream, peach, mint and purple, with 10 gold foil streamers for a touch of sparkle. It’s a colour palette which works for many milestones, is easy to assemble and makes all your party photos look great.

Streamers balloon tails

Add even more va-va-voom to your party balloons by adding pretty streamer tails to them instead of string or ribbon. Either mix and match with crepe paper streamers in any colour or buy a streamer balloon tail kit for ready-made magic. This kit includes rose gold, cream and pink streamer tails as well as elastic bands for easy assembly.

Streamer ceiling kits

Streamers look great bunched up by colour and hung from the ceiling, and our kits come with three ceiling mesh nets, plus string and glue dots for easy installation.  Use one as a backdrop to a bar or celebration table (where you might display presents, cake and photos), or to brighten up any part of the room or venue. This pink, cream and rose gold kit is popular for baby showers and wedding anniversaries, the pastel version adds a modern touch worthy of an #Instagrid photo, while peach and gold adds a warmth to a sophisticated occasion.

Simple paper streamers

These reams of paper streamers, which come in packs of four in lilac or turquoise are great either for those who like to keep it very simple or those who like an artistic challenge! To keep it simple, all you need to do is cut equal lengths of it then hang strips from a doorframe or picture rail with Blue Tac, or twist lengths of it across a party table or from the backs of chairs. For something more creative, why not festoon your party room with twisted lengths of different colours, starting from different corners of the room and meeting at a mid-point at the centre of the ceiling? This party planner used balloons at the mid-point for an even more striking finish, while this 'how to' guide explains how to use a hula-hoop to get the ‘canopy’ effect.

Streamer ‘sculptures’

You can also use these paper streamer packs to get creative. This blog explains how to turn them into ‘jellyfish friends’ if you’re planning an ‘under the sea’ kids’ party. You can use them to spell out names and messages on a wall, or to twist alternate colours around table legs or bannisters for a circus effect. Bunch them up to make crepe paper flowers or snip up short lengths to make affordable crepe paper bunting with just a bit of string and a stapler. You could even give your party table, bar or buffet its own ‘ra-ra’ skirt with simple strands of alternating colours, like this example.

As you can see, there are many ways to decorate with crepe paper streamers! Whether you buy a kit, go simple or get imaginative, we’d love to see what you come up with! Please tag us in your photos on social media @partypieces and use the hashtag #MyPartyPieces so we can share.

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