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Our Guide to Christmas Themes

Christmas Decorations


It’s never too early to start planning your Christmas theme to help create the atmosphere you’re looking for this season.

This year, we have an exciting range of six Christmas themes to suit every taste. No matter what you’re looking for this festive season, we’ve got it covered in our Christmas edits. 

Let’s take a look at our themes this year and why we picked them from Carole Middleton!


Introducing...Metallic Nutcracker 

Classic Christmas stories, the magic of the theatre and sweet festive touches. Rich golds and lavish detailing are at the heart of our Metallic Nutcracker collection. 

Designed by Carole Middleton as Party Pieces' very own Christmas collection, Carole added some personal touches to this edit. 

“I wanted to bring back some of the magic of childhood this Christmas. I was inspired by the tale of the Nutcracker who comes to life on Christmas Eve.

I wanted to capture that feeling of joy, good luck and hope in our Metallic Nutcracker collection. As I look forward to welcoming friends and family back into my home this Christmas, I thought the optimistic Nutcracker was the perfect theme this festive season.”

From gorgeous Nutcracker-themed tableware to fun decorations, bring the magic of childhood home this Christmas.

Explore Metallic Nutcracker

Introducing...Traditional Touches 

Rich reds and greens are the colour palette for our Traditional Touches edit. 

“We all like to keep Christmas traditions alive which is why it felt important that we curate a very classic festive theme. The lovely greens and reds are a wonderful colour scheme for your home this Christmas.”

The striking tableware and sweet decorations guarantee a timeless theme that will make guests feel at home.

Explore Traditional Touches


Introducing...Nordic Noel

Transform your home into a warm and inviting paradise this festive season with our cosy Nordic theme. 

“Christmas is all about being cosy which is why we curated this Nordic edit. It’s all about rich greens and sparkling silvers inspired by the snowy pine forests of Nordic countries.”

Pour yourself a glass of mulled wine and relax by the fire this Christmas with our Nordic theme. 

Explore Nordic Noel



Introducing...Navy Luxe 

Bold blues and shimmering golds are the colours of our Navy Luxe edit. 

“I love to pamper and indulge my loved ones at Christmas to make them feel extra special. This is what our Navy Luxe edit is all about - adorning your home in pure luxury!”

From stunning navy tableware to golden wall hangings, this collection will set the scene for lavish festive celebrations.

Explore Navy Luxe


Introducing...Silly Santa 

Christmas is all about FUN with our bright santa plates, banners and table confetti. Silly Santa makes Christmas dreams come true.

“I love to make Christmas fun and exciting for my grandchildren which is what our Silly Santa edit is for! The bright jolly Santa designs are lovely ways to bring some joy to your children’s festive parties.”

Throw the best children’s celebration in town with our exciting Silly Santa theme! 

Explore Silly Santa



Which Christmas theme speaks to you this year? Make sure you share your festive decorations with us on social media (@partypieces). 

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